Access Your Health Information Anytime, Anywhere

Edvak patient portals provide a means by which patients can access their health information, including diagnostic test results. Using Edvak patient portal, patients get encrypted and password-protected login access to a personal profile using which they can make appointments (non-urgent), transfer health history, diagnoses, allergies, and chronic conditions, view lab results, discharge summaries, view request referrals, refill prescriptions, check benefits, update insurance or contact information, make payments to the provider’s office, complete forms, ask questions through secure e-mail and so on. If a patient has a child under age 18 years, they may be given access to their child’s patient portal, too. Providers can also get in touch with a patient through the portal. They will also receive reminders and alerts.  

With Edvak patient portal: 

  • The patient can access their secure personal health information and be in touch with the provider’s office 24 hours a day. They do not need to wait for office hours or returned phone calls to have basic issues resolved. 
  • Patients can access all of their personal health information from all of their providers in one place. If they have a team of providers, or see specialists regularly, they can all post results and reminders in a portal. Providers can see what other treatments and advice the patient is getting. This can lead to better care and better management of patients’ medicines. 
  • E-mail reminders and alerts help a patient remember things like annual checkups and flu shots.

Next Gen. Patient Portal

Next Gen. Patient Portal

Secure And Convenient access to Your Health Information

Intake Forms

Patients can now complete your intake forms before their appointments through a new service called Online Check-In. Best of all, there’s no need to manually enter the form’s responses into your EHR — the information will flow directly into the patient’s chart note. Say goodbye to long patient waiting times — see patients faster and view more complete health histories with. Online Check-In. Our paper intake forms let patients complete all required clinical forms from the comfort of their home, prior to their appointment. This means less waiting and more facetime during patient encounters. 

  • Create completely customizable intake forms – The intake forms for Online Check-In are easy to create and 100% customizable for your practice. You can completely replicate your current patient intake forms, plus you can update a form at any time. 
  • Get more complete forms – It can be easy for patients to forget important details when they’re filling out forms in the waiting room. Now patients can complete your forms at a convenient time when they have access to all their medical information. 
  • Save time for your patients and staff – Your patients save time by not having to complete paper forms in the office, and your staff saves time by not having to scan or enter the form’s information into your EHR. 

Intake Forms

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminder software with automated text & email reminders.

Missed appointments result in lost revenue and lost resources from scheduling appointments in the first place. With automated appointment reminders via text and email from Edvak Appointment Reminders patients confirm 90% of your appointments, which help reduce no shows and result in more revenue for your practice. 

Automatically reschedule missed appointments.

Edvak Appointment Reminders is more than just appointment reminder software. Patients who miss or cancel appointments are prevalent, but with Edvak Appointment Reminders,  appointment reminder solutions, even rescheduling appointments can be automated. Every time a patient is marked as a no show or cancellation in your EHR, Edvak Appointment Reminders automatically sends a follow-up notification for that patient. With real-time online booking, patients can automatically reschedule their appointment. Coupled with automated patient reminders, this cuts down on the number of calls needed substantially.

Appointment Reminders

Get better responses

With digital appointment reminders, patients can confirm appointments in one tap, resulting in fewer no-shows.

Save staff time

Edvak  automated appointment reminder software integrates with your EHR or PM system, saving staff  time and resources.

Customize reminders

Tailor medical appointment reminders to fit your practice needs. Give patients an extra nudge, or add branding to messages

Pay Bills Online

Edvak offers completely online bill payment for patient convenience irrespective of the type of patient visit. Online billing offers a way to reduce time and expenses related to billing. It also gives providers a way to improve the accuracy of billing processes by reducing the risk for costly billing errors. 

Advantages of online bill payment

Advantages of online bill payment

  • More reliable patient payments. 
  • Better patient engagement and satisfaction. 
  • Improved patient care.
  • Reduced patient cost.
  • Continuous payment collection.

Given the substantial time and expense often spent by clinicians and administrative staff in these tasks, Edvak online billing software offers organizations the ability to reduce these costs by automating these processes by removing the time needed by staff to input billing information and generate these into a format that can be used for billing. Further, practices can also reduce their risk of being audited and also avoid down coding which can result in lost revenue. Edvak online billing can optimize revenue collection and avoid unnecessary costs by making sure coding and clinical documentation is properly aligned and documented.

Rx Refill Requests

Edvak Rx Refill allows patients to request refills of their refillable VA-dispensed prescriptions and scan their VA prescriptions to access prescription information. Once a patient starts e-prescribing in Edvak, patients and pharmacies will send the patient refill requests directly to their EHR. With only two clicks a patient can approve or deny refill requests from any internet-connected device. Anyone in the practice can view the refill requests. This is especially useful when the main provider can’t be reached at a given time, allowing other providers in the practice help process the patients’ refill requests. 

Edvak committed to constantly updating our e-prescribing and medication management tools to keep you on the leading edge of care. 

  • No need to create custom medications, since our quick drug search database is always up to date. 
  • Search your frequently prescribed medications to quickly find a medication you’re looking for. 
  • Our pharmacy search defaults to searching retail pharmacies in your area and keeps a list of your frequently used pharmacies. 
  • Common SIGs specific to each medication are pre-filled to help save you time. 
  • Save clicks with interaction and formulary alerts available at a glance while recording a medication, before you prescribe. 
  • View the full medication list from any encounter, including medication, SIG, start date, and e-prescriptions. 

Edvak allows you to support medication adherence with our patient portal. 

  • You can automatically provide patients with educational materials at the start of their treatment to better understand their care plan. 
  • Secure, online communication allows you to answer specific patient questions and send reminders to fill prescriptions and take medications. 
  • Your patients can access their health record and important information regarding their medication anytime they need it. 
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